I originally started PlinkPlankPlunk as an online calendar of classical music events in San Antonio and the nearby Texas Hill Country. I soon added a blog so I could provide previews of upcoming events and reviews of performances. I’ve also started sharing books I’m reading and I may have occasional postings about information management and software.

I’m a chemist by profession and an amateur musician by avocation. I started piano lessons at age 10. After playing trumpet and french horn in school I took up violin during my senior year in high school. I dropped the brass instruments, but have continued to play piano and violin. I’ve been a member of the Saltarelli String Orchestra (or its precursors) for most of the last 34 years. In fact, that orchestra was the first I ever heard live (as the Trinity University Community Orchestra) when they played a concert in New Braunfels around 1969. I played piano for a San Antonio church for about a decade.

I’ve been using PCs since their introduction and have now almost totally switched to an iMac for home use. I used an early version of music notation software called Music Printer Plus for DOS. I made many multi-track practice tapes for the church choir with that software. I’ve recently been learning the latest version of Sibelius notation software, along with Garritan Personal Orchestra. Internet innovations keep me busy trying to keep up with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX… So much software, so little time!

I currently live and work in Boerne, Texas, just northwest of San Antonio.  I’m always pleased to hear from my readers. Thanks for stopping by!


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