Rieu, Smiles, and the San Antonio Symphony

In September I posted  some thoughts concerning Andre Rieu and his October concert in San Antonio. Steve Porter attended the concert and came up with some advice for the San Antonio Symphony, which was published in the San Antonio Express-News. The advice can be summarized as: look happy, play happy music, make your audience leave the concerts happy and your financial troubles will be over. Here is that formula in action:

I challenge you to watch that and not finish feeling a little queasy. All the fake smiles, the blatant insincerity, the seasickness inducing swaying.

San Antonio Symphony CEO Jack Fishman responded to  Porter’s advice with a blog post. Fishman concludes:

There is nothing wrong with happy, but isn’t life far more complex and rich than just one emotion?

Thank goodness symphonic music is too.

Local blogger bgreinhart has a very perceptive posting taking exception to Porter’s advice.

Genuine emotion is so much more moving than fake happiness and smarmy enthusiasm. I’m so thankful for the San Antonio Symphony and the happiness and challenges that combine to make up a full and rewarding life.


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